Get to know your egg supplier

As a food company that has existed for more than 125 years, DANÆG has a long history of innovation and high food safety. Today, DANÆG is one of the leading suppliers of fresh shell eggs and processed, pasteurized egg products nationally and internationally. Here you can learn about our history and the structure of the DANÆG Group.


Today, DANÆG is a Danish-Swedish owned group, consisting of four subsidiaries, that are consolidated into DANÆG Holding A/S and headquartered at our egg packing plant in Christiansfeld in Southern Jutland, Denmark.


As a modern food business, our main task is to produce and market eggs and egg products as efficiently, safely and sustainably as possible. Read how our vision and mission set the direction for our daily work.

SINCE 1895

Many Danish food companies were founded in the late 19th century as cooperatives. The same goes for DANÆG, which in 1895 was founded as Dansk Andels Ægexport to increase the back then poor quality of Danish eggs. 


For us, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an expression of commitment and respect for the community of which we are an active part. That is why we collaborate with selected Danish and Swedish associations and organizations that make a difference for children and adolescents. 


Do you need to speak to a specific employee at DANÆG? Then click in here and give one of us a call. If you are unsure who to talk to, call our customer service at the phone numbers at the bottom of the page. We are ready to help you.