Danish and Swedish farmers united

The history of the DANÆG group goes all the way back to 1895, when the cooperative Dansk Andels Ægexport was founded. At that time, Danish eggs were losing their reputation in the largest export market in England due to the eggs' poor quality. The cooperative was therefore founded on the believe that together we stand stronger. This mantra is still an important part of DANÆG's DNA today, where the group consists of two Danish companies, two Swedish companies and one Finnish company and is still owned by its farmers, as well as DLG, Dansk Landbrugs Grovvareselskab.

The structure of the DANÆG group

A cross-border group

Today, DANÆG is a Danish-Swedish-Finnish owned group, consisting of five subsidiaries, that are combined in DANÆG Holding A/S. In Denmark, it is the shell egg packing station DANÆG A/S in Christiansfeld and the egg product factory DANÆG Products A/S in Roskilde. In Sweden, the egg packing station Kronägg AB in Perstorp and the egg powder factory Källbergs Industri AB in Töreboda. In Finland, the egg company Munax Oy in Laitila. 

DANÆG Holding


In DANÆG Holding A/S, the entire operation is unified, and the group's task is to collect, sort and sell the producers' eggs under the best possible conditions in the form of shell eggs and a range of processed products. At the same time, DANÆG Holding will assure consumers egg of the highest quality, taking food safety and animal welfare into account. 

In 2013, DANÆG's shareholders decided to sell a part of the group to Dansk Landbrugs Grovvareselskab (DLG). Today, the DANÆG Holding A/S Group is equally owned by DANÆG AMBA consisting of Danish and Swedish egg producers (50%) and by DLG (50%).

The Danish companies

Egg packing station and product factory

In 1895, DANÆG was announced as the official name of the company, and in 1991 the company was divided into two companies: DANÆG A/S and DANÆG Products A/S.

In 1999, the two egg packing plants in Tølløse and Thorning were discontinued, and the eggs were transferred to the packing station in Christiansfeld, which was erected in 1982 and later expanded several times.

International level

The Swedes come on board

In 2004, DANÆG merged with the Swedish co-owned egg company Kronägg, and in 2009 DANÆG acquired Källbergs Industri Sweden.

The merger with the Swedish companies lifted the group to an international level, and after radical rationalization, automation and efficiency improvements at all levels, DANÆG Holding is now the market leader in the Nordic region in all distribution channels.

Munax Oy

Acquisition in Finland

In 2021, the DANÆG Group acquired an additional 76 percent of Finnish Munax OY – a company that the Group since 2015 has owned 24 percent of. Munax Oy was founded in 2003 and the company has since grown at an impressive rate to become the market leader in Finland in both the retail and food-service sectors.

With the acquisition of Munax Oy, the DANÆG Group strengthens its capabilities in product development and possibilities of export out of its domestic markets.

Advisory Board

The egg production of the future

At DANÆG, we want to shape the egg production of the future with a focus on sustainability and animal welfare. Therefore, since 2017, an independent, advisory committee has guided us in how we can ensure high animal welfare in all types of production.

The collaboration with the Advisory Board has, among other things, led to DANÆG introducing requirements for green planting in the chicken farms for free-range hens and organic hens.