We are proud of our products because of the high quality. In the Danæg concern, we deliver eggs to consumers as well as the food industry and the food service market.

Danæg has always been a market leader when it comes to high quality and food safety. We consider it our natural responsibility to be at the forefront with regard to the company’s social responsibility, CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility.

To us, CSR is an expression of commitment and respect towards the society in which we play an active part, and we believe that we – through small and large actions in the daily work – can contribute to making a positive difference.


Danæg must be a good, exciting, safe and secure workplace for all our employees. This requires a healthy and good working environment every day. To us, working environment means many things; it could be minimizing heavy lifts by using robots and providing proper ventilation and a pleasant indoor climate. And teaching employees how to handle various functions to avoid doing the same job every day.

Involvement of Employees

We encourage our employees to express their ideas and opinions in an open dialogue, both in the work and during employee evaluations. And we make sure to follow up on every wish for change, improvements and training. In the daily work – and in connection with extensions, rebuilding and installation of new machinery - we are very focused on job safety.

Good working conditions

We believe that a positive work environment is crucial for a low rate of absence. In case of sickness, all employees are covered by a health care scheme including extended medical care at the hospital as well as counselling. If an employee is absent due to long-term sickness, we do all we can to clarify if we can do anything to help from Danægs’s side. It is our goal to have a well-functioning workplace where all employees are thriving, well and working effectively.


Danæg works together with a number of Danish and Swedish associations and organizations which make a difference. We have chosen to concentrate primarily on the fight against cancer. On a global level, we support the UN Global Compact under the auspices of the United Nations. Below you will find the list of the organizations which we support – and what they stand for. You can also see our annual ”Global Compact” report with more information on our CSR efforts and results. See our newest report here.



The Danæg group is very proud of its recent membership of SEDEX. SEDEX is a large international organization dedicated to improving human rights, workers’ rights, environmental conditions and anti-corruption all over the world. This is a membership which commitments.

Read more about SEDEX here.

Danish Hospital Clowns

Danish Hospital Clowns is a charitable organisation whose work is based on the idea that humour, laughter and smiles present the best cure. Danish Hospital Clows create magic and joy for the benefit of sick children in hospitals all over Denmark.

Rosa Band

The Swedish Cancer Society launches its Rosa Band campaign every year in October. The money raised is allocated to cancer research and to spreading the important information on how to prevent cancer and breast cancer.


Bris is a Swedish children rights’ organisation which is neither political nor religious. The organisation provides help and support to vulnerable children and young adults, and, on an overall level, fights to improve their circumstances and rights.


Danæg is highly committed to implementing energy savings and protecting the environment. Our goal is to minimize waste, energy consumption and use of other resources such as water and cleaning agents. As part of our improvement plan, we use tools such as:

• Choice of local and national suppliers and co-operative partners.

• Environmental requirements to suppliers and distributors.

• Focus on optimizing transportation and logistics – both when collecting eggs from the local producers and when transporting finished products to the customers.

• Focus on energy savings and environmental friendly technology.

• Recycle packaging: A large number of the egg trays used are made of recycle material.

• Increased focus on self-producing feedstuffs and participation in research developments which support this project.

• Recycling of the 1,000 tons egg shells which we produce annually. They are used as an ingredient in compost piles for private customer and in gardening.

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