Corporate Social Responsibility

We support the children

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an expression of commitment and respect for the community of which we are an active part. That is why we collaborate with selected Danish and Swedish associations and organizations that make a difference. We have chosen primarily to concentrate our support on efforts aimed at the next generation - the children. At the global level, we support the UN Global Compact, that belongs to the United Nations.

UN Global Compact

CSR at the global level

The DANÆG Group is a member of the UN Global Compact. UN Global Compact is a large international organization under the United Nations, working to improve human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption worldwide.

Each year, DANÆG publishes a UN Global Compact Report, that records the Group's CSR activities in the past year.

Danske Hospitalsklovne

Proud main sponsor

Danske Hospitalsklovne (Danish Hospital Clowns) visit hospitalized children and families in Denmark's children wards and at institutions for children and adolescents, including child psychiatric day and night sections. DANÆG is one of the main sponsors of Danske Hospitalsklovne.

Danske Hospitalsklovne support hospitalized children through their illness. They spread smiles and joy, when it is most needed.

Team Rynkeby

Towards Paris for the childrens' sake

Team Rynkeby is a European charity cycling team that cycles to Paris every year to raise money for children with critical illnesses and their families.

As the main sponsor of the work done by Danske Hospitalsklovne (Danish Hospital Clowns) helping hospitalized children and their families, it was natural for DANÆG in 2019 to also support the Children's Cancer Foundation with a gold sponsorship for Team Rynkeby in Southern Jutland, where DANÆG has its Danish egg packing facility.


DANÆG supports children and adolesents

One in five Danes experiences a lack of cooking skills in the kitchen, which prevents them from cooking homemade food. At DANÆG, we believe that basic cooking skills are essential for consumers to choose sustainable and healthy foods in the supermarket. 

Therefore, we are happy to support Madskolerne through the Danish Egg Association. During the summer camp the parents are denied access to the kitchen and instead the children learn how to cook for themselves and their families. 


Leading childen rights organizations

Our Swedish egg packing company Kronägg supports the organization BRIS. BRIS stands for 'Children's Rights in Society' and is one of Sweden's leading childen rights organizations, that every day fights for a better society for children.

BRIS supports children in vulnerable situations and influences decision-makers to a society where every child knows its rights and where the rights of the child are respected.