National Organic Day 2022

Today is Denmark’s national organic day, which is a festive day appreciating nature and animal welfare organized by Økologisk Landsforening. Even though in Denmark, today is celebrated by welcoming cows to the open air after a long winter, all organic animals and products are acknowledged and appreciated.


The reason why organic production is so important is that organic animals enjoy great outdoor freedom, and organic feed, while organic products are without fertilizers, pesticides, or GMOs.


When it comes to egg production, organic hens have access to natural light in the barn, while having access to outdoor areas around the whole year. At DANÆG this outdoor area means, grass or similar vegetation, trees, and orchards in the hen yard. Hens also have access to roughage every day, e.g. grass, carrots, and beets, which satiates the hens and provides a great occupation for the lively animals.


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The Danish consumers are one of the most pro-organic consumers in the world. In fact, Denmark has the world's highest organic share and the most well-developed organic market. In the world, Denmark’s sales of organic products make up the largest part of the overall sales. Today three out of four Danes buy organic food every single week indicating that organic is for everyone. (Source:


But what kind of organic products are Danes so fond of? Well, the 10 most popular organic products in Denmark in 2020 were:

  • Bananas (66.5%)
  • Plant-based dairy (64.9%)
  • Carrots (47.6%)
  • Oatmeal (47.2%)
  • Natural Yoghurt (47.0%)
  • Root crop (45.4%)
  • Cabbage (36.2%)
  • Milk (34.3%)
  • Flour (33.7%)
  • Eggs (31.2%)

(Source: GfK ConsumerScan)


Pictures are from our producers: Birkelund Æg / Bremsmaj / Kraghøjgård.