Liquid eggs

Our product factory DANÆG Products was founded in 1991 with the purpose of specializing in producing and selling processed egg products. The first products were liquid, pasteurised eggs. 750,000 eggs are daily processed to make our various egg products.

Step 1

Pasteurised egg products

In the first part of the process, the eggs are broken and the yolks and whites are separated. This process takes place in a special egg breaking machine – and the liquid raw eggs are transferred immediately from the machine to the raw food container which has a maximum temperature of 4 C.

The liquid raw eggs are pasteurized in a carefully monitored heat treatment which ensures that all qualities in the egg are preserved - and all pathogenic bacteria eliminated.

Step 2

Production, bottling and packing

After the pasteurization, a large part of the liquid egg yolks and egg whites are filled into the finished product packing, and the remaining part continue the process and is used in other products such as long eggs.

The whole process takes place in a production environment with strict demands to hygiene and cleaning. Each single employee is trained in food hygiene – and is aware of all requirements and his or hers responsibility within the production area. 

Step 3

Comprehensive food analysis

When the products have been packed, they are stored in refrigeration conditions pending the results from the laboratory of the microbiological, chemical and physical analysis. The products will not be released for sale, until they have been fully tested and approved.