When hens lay eggs

A 24-hour process

A pretty amazing process happens when hens lay eggs. Did you know, for example, that a hen develops several eggs at the same time - in different stages? And dare you guess how many hours a hen spends developing the eggshell around the egg white and the egg yolk? Find the answer to that and much more here.

The first egg

How old is a hen when it lays its first egg?

From a newly hatched chicken matures to an adult hen, it takes about 17-20 weeks. A hen lays her first egg when she is about 20 weeks old.

One egg every 24 hours

Does the hen make one egg at a time?

No, the hen develops several eggs at the same time at different stages.

In the ovary, the hen forms the egg yolk, which has six layers. When the egg yolk is fully developed, it is released into the fallopian tube. In the fallopian tube, the egg white forms around the yolk. The egg white consists of four layers that are sealed with an inner and an outer membrane.

The eggshell is then formed. Now the egg is ready to be laid. This whole process takes 24 hours for the hen.

The hen and the rooster

Does a hen have to mate with a rooster to lay eggs?

No. A hen lays eggs completely without the help of a rooster. When the hen is about 20 weeks old, it begins to lay eggs.

But if a chicken is to come out of the egg, the hen must be with a rooster who fertilizes the egg.

Almost one egg a day

How many eggs does a hen lay?

A hen lays an average of 300 eggs a year. This means that our hens lay almost one egg a day.

While the hen is young, it lays fewer eggs. As it matures, it then begins to lay many eggs. As the hen gets older, its laying decreases again.

Unfertilised eggs

How can one be sure there is not a chicken in the egg?

In order for a chicken to come out of an egg, the egg must be fertilized by a rooster. In "professional" hen houses, only hens live - and no roosters - so the eggs are not fertilized. Therefore, the eggs cannot develop into chickens.

Even if an egg is fertilized, the hen will have to sit on the egg for 21 days before a chicken can hatch. Every day, our farmers collect the fresh eggs, so the hens can not sit on their eggs. Therefore, we are sure that there are no chickens in the eggs.

All in one shell

How long does the hen spend making the eggshell?

It takes the hen about 14 hours to form the eggshell, which actually consists of several layers.