Meet some of our Danish farmers

Since DANÆG's foundation in 1895, the company has been owned by its farmers. Today, our almost 40 Danish egg producers work every day to bring the best eggs to the world and each egg producer has a unique story to tell.


If, ten years ago, Henrik Pihl Winterø had been asked if he would one day produce eggs, he would surely have laughed and shook his head. There was nothing in Henriks life that hinted at egg production. That's why Henrik can't help but smile at the thought that today he runs Aalundgaard in Aarup with 36,000 barn hens.


Together with her husband Christian, Karin Petersen runs the biodynamic farm Birkelund in Southern Jutland near Tønder. The farm has been run as biodynamic farming since 2009 and was formerly organic for many years. Karin and Christian have 12,000 biodynamic hens.


Klaus Jørgensen has 48,000 free-range hens on his farm between Esbjerg and Holsted. He and his wife, Betina, have built it all from scratch and enjoy the hens' natural behavior. The couple started with an open field and built it all up from there. The result was Boldinggaard Hønseri, where Klaus cultivates the fields for the hens' feed. 


In Nykøbing Falster lies the fairytale-like Orupgaard Gods, which has existed since the year 1231. The estate has been owned by both traders and barons over time, but today the farmer Thomas Højgaard runs the farm in fourth generation after his great-grandfather. In the summer of 2018, 30,000 organic hens moved into Orupgaard.