New egg products make a difference

The Danæg concern aims to be innovative and provide the market with new egg products which make a difference to the food service market as well as the food industry. Our development work is coordinated by our specialized department for new product development. It is a top priority for us to maintain high quality standards in the development and innovation processes, and we never compromise on safety.

Development of convenience food products

We see a considerable growth in the market for convenience food and an increasing demand for the products in busy and hard-pressed professional kitchens. Everybody wishes to save time and use their resources in the best possible way. We are already the leading supplier of convenience food products to large-scale commercial kitchens and the food industry, both nationally and abroad. And we will continue to focus on this area by developing new types of products which are fast, easy and safe to prepare, without any compromise with regard to health and nutrition.

Innovative customers

New products ideas come from many places, for instance from our dedicated employees. We often get inspiration and new ideas from our customers as well. The journey from the idea to the finished products which is ready for sale may take from 6 months till 5 years. An important part of the process is to test the products in customer groups – and to listen to their comments. By involving the customers in the development process, we make sure that our innovations make a positive difference to our customers – and are successful in the market.


Convenience products

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