Being a supplier to Danæg can almost be described as a life style, whether the egg is from organic, free range, barn or cage types of production. The huge commitment shown by the Danæg suppliers is closely connected to the construction of the Danæg concern as a co-operative society. In other words, Danæg is owned by the same farmers who supply the eggs. 

The benefit is a close and loyal relationship which means that each single egg supplier fully understands the requirements to food safety and quality. And everyone feels the same responsibility.

As co-operative owners, the members are able to influence the company´s business. The members elect the Board of Directors.



Birkelund, Tønder

The biodynamic eggs from Birkelund Farm comply with all standards for organic productions. The farm also meets all biodynamic Demeter requirements and holds the international Demeter certification mark for approved biodynamic farming.

The Demeter quality food is produced to provide nutrition and energy to the human body. To Karin, it is very important to be present and observant together with the hens.

– We keep the hens busy and active by scattering handfuls of corn on the ground. But we are also there to watch them and be in close contact. We spend a lot of time just studying their behavior, Karin Petersen says.

Allan Breum Larsen



Kraghøjgård Farm at Horsens Fjord

All organic hen yards have to be covered by trees and bushes, and at Kraghøjgård farm, the hens roam around freely in the orchard. The trees make the hens feel bold and safe as they can seek quick shelter under the trees. They are also pecking at the fallen apples as a supplement to their other feed.

– They get a lot of nutrition from the fallen apples and from the insects that would otherwise attack the fruit trees. In this way, the health and wellbeing of the hens will be improved considerably – and our apples will be less damaged. The trees benefit from the manure from the hens, Allan explains.

Christian Thomsen


Terkelsig Æg Farm at Hynding

Christian grew up on the farm in the southern part of Jutland. His parents still live close to the farm, whereas Christian lives in his own house a hundred meters away. Christian has always kept hens in the garden, and it was an obvious choice for him to switch from hens as a hobby to egg laying hens on a large scale. As supporters of the free range idea, they all knew from the very beginning that it should be possible for the hens roam around freely, and in combination with the increasing demand for organic food products, the place was turned into an organic farm.

Klaus Jørgensen



Boldinggard Farm between Esbjerg and Holsted

– There’s something special about working with free range hens as they follow a daily and natural rhythm. Our hens have access to an outdoor area with much the same conditions as 10 hens in a hen yard. We can make it work with 48,000 hens. That’s what I like about working with free range hens and eggs, Klaus says.

They started with an open field and build it all up from scratch. The result was Boldinggard Farm, and apart from keeping free range hens, Klaus also grows the field with crops such as wheat which he uses to mix with the hens’ feed.

Johannes Jensen



Elagergaard Farm at Fredericia

It is true to say that Johannes Jensen has hens in his blood. He grew up on the farm of Elagergaard, and took over the farm and the barn egg production from his parents in 1988. Today he has 95,000 hens in three barns.

– I was practically born into it. And it was only natural that I should take over the farm. I have always wanted to work with hens, says Johannes, who lives close to his childhood home.

– Animal welfare is very important to me as well. The hens must have a good life. And it is important to me that we produce a healthy egg. Actually, those two things are closely connected, Johannes says.


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